Laminate flooring needs to be installed on underlayment

Underlayment for laminate flooring
is very important because it corrects small deviations in concrete. Underlayment is also a very good sound barrier. Underlayment should get as much attention as laminate because it is a crucial factor in longtivity of flooring that is installed on it. Installing underlayment for laminate flooring is not complicated but it has to be done correctly.


Concrete is very cold and hard so it has to be upgraded with a sort of flooring

Concrete floor is very cold so the underlayment serves as a thermic barrier as well. Concrete is the most common underfloor on which laminate flooring is installed. All modern buildings have concrete floors which need to be upgraded with some sort of flooring. Laminate is easy and quick to install on concrete but the underlayment has to be selected and installed properly too. Underlayment for laminate flooring has to be selected and installed correctly on concrete so the wear and stability of laminate is optimal. Best underlay for laminate flooring on concrete is foam. There are different kinds of underlay foam for concrete which have different performances. It is wise to make a good investment in underlayment because laminate flooring lifespan depends on it. Foam underlay for laminate flooring comes in sheets which are sold in rolls and are placed between laminate and concrete floor. Underlayment is 6-8 mm thick. Some laminate has underlayment attached. In this case, installation of additional underlayment on concrete is not necessary.

best underlay for laminate flooringunderlayment for laminate flooring

Vapour barrier protects laminate flooring from ground moisture

In addition to underlayment, additional vapour barrier is recommended. It is usually placed under underlayment directly on concrete floor. Even if your laminate flooring already comes with vapour barrier attached, it is still recommended to add additional vapour barrier on concrete because tears can occur during installation. So another vapour barrier is additional protection.