Parquet flooring texture - what are your options?

Parquet flooring texture affects the appearance of the parquet flooring material. At Floor Experts we offer four parquet flooring texture options:

- brushed parquet flooring texture,

- hand scraped parquet flooring texture,

- sanded parquet flooring texture and

- sawn parquet flooring texture.

The best parquet flooring for you depends on your preferences and on the style of the rest of your home. In the continuation we’ll present some parquet flooring textures for easier choice.

parquet flooring texture

The different parquet flooring textures at Floor Experts

best parquet flooringHand scraped parquet flooring texture is a very popular option. We use hand scraping technique to achieve the worn-out, aged, rustic parquet flooring look. This is the best parquet flooring for those, who prefer vintage style in their home or for those who opt for Scandinavian look. Brushed parquet flooring texture is treated with a steel brush, which highlights the natural look and beauty of the wood and accentuates the textured appearance of the parquet floor. This is the best parquet flooring for those who want smooth appearance with an accentuated grain pattern. To achieve the sanded parquet flooring texture we use sand paper for treating the parquet flooring. Material will stand out with this method and the appearance of your floor will be very natural. Sawn parquet flooring texture gives a robust and strong effect of the saw. The grain pattern is straight grained and for the maximum effect, the texture of the wood is very visible. The parquet floors also come with parquet flooring polishing to suit your style.


Which is the best parquet flooring?

The choice for the best parquet flooring depends on your preferences, there is just one rule - the best parquet flooring is of high quality and that we guarantee at Floor Experts. Browse through our webpage and check different parquet flooring textures, parquet flooring materials, parquet flooring polishing and colors. We are sure, you’ll find something you’ll like.