Parquet flooring installation - basic information

Parquet flooring installation is not over complicated, however it’s not like walk in a park either. If you’re not sure how parquet flooring is installed, we recommend you hire a professional, who has a lot of experience and won’t make a mistake. How to install parquet wood flooring- is namely an important question - if the process is not performed properly, more damage than good can be done and your wood parquet flooring won’t show the stability and durability that it usually does.

Who can perform parquet flooring installation?

Parquet flooring installation can be performed by someone, who has a clear knowledge of how to install parquet wood flooring and preferably at least some experience. Parquet flooring installation involves a lot of planning and practice, when it comes to laying options, using appropriate products and tools, and applying just the right amount of pressure.

Parquet flooring installation costHow to install parquet wood flooring properly?

The complete process of how to install parquet wood flooring would require a lot of explanation, but the parquet flooring installation basically consists of these steps:

  • subfloor preparation (levelling, cleaning, sealing the cracks, drying),
  • planning parquet flooring installation,
  • applying adhesive,
  • installing hardwood parquet flooring,
  • rolling and applying finish (if necessary).

Is the cost of parquet flooring installation high?

Parquet flooring installation cost depends on a service provider, but is not as nearly as high as making a mistake. Professionals usually charge fairly and their price is calculated with regard to time, which is needed to install parquet flooring, but it doesn’t hurt to ask around and decide for a professional, who knows how to install parquet wood flooring, has a lot of experience and whose price will be a healthy mixture of confidence and experience, when it comes to parquet flooring installation, and will represent a reasonable rate per square meter.

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How to install parquet wood flooring