black laminate flooring priceAsh laminate flooring is versatile

Ash laminate flooring is beautiful and can be combined with almost anything. It is very multipurpose and can be a good solution for basically any room. There are several options of ash laminate floorings (honey ash laminate flooring, silver ash laminate flooring, black ash laminate flooring etc.), which will represent the centre of your home for many years, even if you change the furniture and other decorations.

Ash laminate flooring and Floor Experts

At Floor Experts we’ve prepared a selection of beautiful ash laminate floorings. You can, for example, choose among:

  • silver ash laminate floorings like: BALTIC GREY ash laminate flooring, NORDIC or SCANDINAVIAN ash laminate floorings,
  • whitish HARDWOOD WHITE 4V ash laminate flooring or RIVENDELL ash laminate flooring,
  • honey ash laminate flooring ASH HARDWOOD 4V or
  • black ash laminate flooring.

Lighter ash laminate floorings can be best combined with dark furniture to achieve contrast or bright furniture if we’re looking for more calm and uniform combination. For luxurious appearance, choose black ash laminate flooring, while brown ash laminate floorings represents and effective base if we want to achieve more homely, “wooden” feeling.

Black ash laminate flooring for contrast

Black ash laminate flooring is a perfect solution if you want to complement your home with dark laminate parquet wood flooring. Black ash laminate flooring is striking and eye-catching, but can feel oppressing if we combine it with dark walls. One of the best and most luxurious combinations is black ash laminate flooring with light walls. Combine that with some noticeable decorations to achieve the maximum effect.

If black ash laminate flooring is not for you, there are numerous other options at Floor Experts to choose from: white, brown or silver ash laminate floorings, but there are also other wood options than ash: oak laminate flooring, maple, spruce, pine, beech, cherry, chestnut, larch and some exotic options.



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