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Parquet floors for your home

Parquet floors are floors with some unique properties, which will make your purchase not only lasting, but also a good investment. We will explain, what parquet floors are, why they are a good choice and present some of the most visible benefits.


The definition of parquet wood floors

What are parquet floors? Parquet floors constitute of planks, made from different wood species. At Floor Experts we offer high quality parquet wood floors made of bamboo, beech, cherry, ebony, maple, walnut, ash, larch, teak, we offer pine parquet flooring, spruce, parquet oak flooring and even some more exotic options, like wenge, merbau, kayu kaku, jatoba, iroko and others.

what are parquet floors hardwood parquet floors

The benefits of parquet floors and why you won’t regret your purchase

Parquet floors will represent a stunning acquisition in your home, and that for several reasons:

  • Appearance: parquet hardwood floors are stylish floors, which complement any home, no matter the interior décor. Besides an array of wood species, you can also choose between light and dark parquet floors, and each colour of parquet wood floors also comes in different shades.
  • Durability: when it comes to durability, not many choices can compete with parquet floors. They will literary last decades, especially if you invest some care in them. What’s more - when you see some visible signs of wear, you can renew your parquet wood floors and they will again look like new.
  • Simple cleaning: cleaning parquet floors is simple; they just require regular sweeping/vacuuming and occasional mopping (beware of abrasive cleaners!).
  • Raising the value of your home: it’s a fact, that homes with parquet wood floors sell faster and better.
  • Hygienic: parquet floors can be easily cleaned and they don’t harbour dust or allergens.
  • If you’d like to know more about parquet floors, feel free to contact our friendly professionals at Floor Experts!