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Parquet flooring design ideas

Parquet flooring design ideas can give you an inspiration when choosing the flooring for your home. This natural type of wooden flooring is among the most commonly sought after floorings, not only because of all the advantages of parquet flooring, but also because of its timeless beauty. If you choose a trustworthy parquet flooring company, which offer a high quality parquet floorings, design will only be the last step in your endeavours to create a comfortable leaving environment, with beautiful and durable flooring, which will last for decades. Parquet flooring design can evoke nostalgia or can contribute to the contemporary, modern interior. Some of the more visible parquet flooring designs include: single herringbone, double herringbone, basket pattern, bricks and rhomb, and among the more eye-catching are American and European Marie Antoinette patterns, Chevron, Bordeaux, Fontainebleau and other mosaic or custom made parquet flooring designs.


How to get the most out of your parquet flooring design

Parquet flooring designsSimply. First, decide for a reliable parquet flooring company and then make sure that the installation of parquet flooring will be done properly and professionally - if you’re unsure how to do parquet flooring installation, hire an expert. Next, the appearance of your parquet has a lot to do with maintaining of parquet flooring. Looking after parquet flooring is not time-consuming or demanding, but needs to be considered anyway. Protect you parquet flooring design by using carpets and furniture pads and clean your flooring regularly. Just make sure to avoid too much water and aggressive cleaning agents.


Which parquet flooring company is the best?

We definitely recommend that you choose the parquet flooring company with good customers’ reviews, because they are the ones, who’ve already tried it out and can give you a reliable feedback. Floor Experts is a parquet flooring company, which only sells top products from the best manufacturers, furthermore, our parquet flooring design collection will astonish even the most demanding client. If you’d like to know more about our parquet flooring company, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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