Parquet flooring can be laid in many patterns to create different styles

If you don't know how to lay parquet flooring it is best idea to seek professionals which will do the job for you. Laying parquet flooring is quite demanding process which requires knowledge and skills. Parquet flooring can be laid with floating or gluing method. Floating method is quicker and easier than gluing. Floating method is also health and environment friendlier because there are no toxic fumes from glue. If you lay prevarnished engineered parquet flooring with floating method, you can use the floors immediately after installation. With gluing method, you have to wait for glue to dry before you can use the floors. If you decide on parquet solid wood flooring, it is usually laid with gluing method because glued panels ensure the best stability.

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All our parquet flooring comes with warranty but it has to be correctly laid for long lifespan

Our suppliers of high quality parquet flooring are from all around the world. We have very high standards for products we sell, so we choose our suppliers very carefully. All parquet flooring we sell is made of best materials and is thoroughly inspected. Sustainable parquet flooring material is ecologically produced into high end products which suit all our clients. Our parquet flooring is made with precision, therefore it is easy to lay and to maintain. All our products have warranty if they are laid professionally. Because of such vast assortment, we can offer parquet flooring for creating many styles. With more than 480 variations in colour, material, thickness, surface finish, we are sure you will find the right one for your home.

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Many styles can be created with our high quality parquet flooring

There are many parquet style possibilities which you can create with our products. Pattern styles like herringbone or chevron, basketwave, hexagon and brick pattern. Herringbone and chevron styles are laid in zig zag pattern which gives rooms an elegant look and it optically enlarges them. For herringbone style parquet tiles have classic cut, for Chevron style tiles are cut at an angle so they create perfect arrow pattern. Basketwave style is very common and it can have quite some variations. This style can be laid in two ways: parallel or diagonal to the wall. Most often there is only one colour of wood used for creating basketwave style but if more colours are used, beautiful combinations can be made. Hexagon style is made of small parquet tiles which are laid in a distinct pattern. This style is very time consuming to create. Brick style is uncomplicated to create. If more than one colour of wood is used, beautiful and interesting patterns can be created. Parquet style flooring enhances every room in your home.

Different colours of parquet flooring create different styles of rooms

If you would like to have your home in traditional style, we recommend to lay medium or dark coloured parquet flooring. Medium colours of parquet flooring go well with all colours and styles of furniture. Medium brown and grey colours are very universal and can be used in all rooms. Dark coloured floors look best when you combine them with light furniture. Parquet in dark coloures our clients usually lay in spacious rooms with lots of light. For contemporary styled home, you should use light and neutral coloured parquet flooring. Light colours are suitable for small rooms because they optically enlarge them and create light airy feel. Beautiful contrast is achieved if you lay light parquet in a room with dark coloured walls. If you want to achieve serene and calming style, lay light parquet flooring in a room with light coloured walls and light furniture. Contemporary parquet flooring in neutral colour like grey is perfect for creating industrial style of your home. It looks stunning if you lay it in combination with stainless steel, natural stone or glass.