Modern living trends are embodied by living containers

Living containers cane be an option to use at short notice, but their use is increasingly common also in planned circumstances. Modern living trends are characterized by change and variability in any case, whereby more and more young people seek self-fulfilment independently of material goods. The housing market has had to adapt to a change in mentality, which has brought about new building and design trends. It is not unusual to see millenials choosing to live in living container fur to its modularity and specific design, while perhaps also accommodating costs. Extreme cost-effectiveness and high energy efficiency are among the prime living container characteristics that mark the possible reasoning of choices made fort hem. What is more, they are easily employable and can be reused, making them extremely variable for any improvised or temporary environments.

Modular living containers come in standard sizes and units

Thousands of businesses and companies have been using modular living containers to accommodate fluctuating needs in the business activity or to host seasonal or migrant workers. Yet experience shows that private customers are also increasingly considering modular living containers. The idea of »living smaller« has been on the table for some decades now, and has especially been reinforced through the housing and financial crises of the 2000's. Not just on account of the less numerous families, more single people and the demographic shift towards more elderly in the population. In addition to growing costs of living, an ever increasing number of individuals settle for smaller and more adaptable forms of living space. This in turn can be an effectively outfitted house or loft or a carefully designed living container, the likes of which REM has been successfully producing for decades.

Modular living buildingModular living container apartments

Clients can choose among portable living containers of varied designs

One of the main benefits of the portable living containers is contained in their name: portability. This flexible aspect really makes a difference, if customers are looking for solutions to be deployed in variable conditions and for several purposes. With our high-quality finishing and design, REM has succeeded in developing standard-sized products, which can be customized to meet specific orders. Adaptable spaces meet the diverse needs of occupants and clients, be it in terms of energy efficiency, design, dimension or insulation. They can be assembled in all environments. As now again ever increasing number of people are moving back to the cities our products can be a quick and adaptable answer to address those circumstances. Especially people who might have limited means to purchase otherwise could be very interested, like youth and young adults, just starting to establish themselves, or families who like the city and need to live and work there. Added value is assured by options, valued highly by younger customers: portability, adaptability and variability. This can also mean including customized options, like electrical bike or vehicles chargers or additional bike parkings or even explicit facilities for cargo bikes.

All our temporary living containers for sale on our website

The temporary living containers are equipped with interior design that is customized fort he needs of the modern business and consumer. With internal fittings in our containers for sale, we react increasingly to customized work demands and needs for adaptable spaces that meet the specific needs of inhabitants. We offer mixes of styles, always keeping the premise of highly qualified materials and the effective cost balance. Our containers can be places anywhere and have been reported to be very successful at waterfronts. Living by the waterside has motivated numerous clients for quite a long time. Regardless of whether as an every day home or as an ocean side escape, the draw of the lake or the sea is in the promise of freedom. Our products are an upgrade of this promise and we'll keep it. Get it through contacting us and finding our about our offer- it's available customized as per our models shown on our website. Contact us through email, phone or in person, we're waiting for you and will do everything is our power to listen to your particular needs and respond in the way that is most suitable for you. All our container types can be adapted and personalized according to your needs and wishes.