Prefab buildings for sale are great choice for private or public use

Prefab buildings for sale which our company produces are made of environment friendly materials. They can be recycled after they are no longer in use. Structure of portable cabins is made of steel, facade panel are from impregnated wood or painted sheet metal. We can make prefab accommodation units according to your needs at low prices. You can choose among many sizes and equipment of modular units. Modular buildings are assembled of accommodation units to which we can add sanitary units. We can construct private and public facilities like schools, offices, health care centers, restaurants, workshops and many more. Prefab buildings for restaurants need to have accommodation and sanitary units. Modular units for sale are the best choice if you need business facility or exposition saloons as soon as possible. All our accommodation and sanitary units are premade in our factory. They are delivered to construction site and assembled by our experts. After assembly, they can be immediately used. Prices of prefab buildings for sale are very low in comparison to traditional facilities. Prices depend on many factors like size of units, which materials client chooses, installed equipment.

prefab buildings


Prices of prefab buildings for sale are low if you compare them to traditional facilities

With modular units for sale, we can create traditional or prefab modern office, which suit every client needs. We use special 3D technology to present to clients finished look of their prefab building. That way, client can make changes before production. All our units are made according to local legislations and regulations that differ from city to city. Because our prefab buildings for sale can be built everywhere in the world, we have to accommodate them for different climate conditions. In cold conditions, we will install thick thermal insulation and suitable windows and doors. Heating elements like electric radiators are crucial for cold climate. For warm climate conditions we adjust insulation of portable cabins and concentrate on suitable air conditioners and proper ventilation. You can even have a terrace on the roof on your modern modular office or exposition saloon.

prefab buildings

Our prefab buildings for sale can be transported anywhere in the world

After prefab units for sale are produced in our factory, they have to be delivered on construction site. Depending on production stage, we arrange suitable type of delivery method. Completely or partial assembled units can be transported with lorries. For remote locations we prepare pre-packed packages which lower price of transportation. Every package contains all necessary elements for unit to be assembled on site. After assembly, prefab building for sale with accommodation and sanitary units has to be connected to power and water supply and to sewage system. When all connections are made, it is ready for use. You can have new facility in very short time. Another advantage of prefab buildings is low maintenance.

With prefab building for sale you don't have to worry much about maintenance

Prefab portable cabins for sale are very resistant to weather conditions and other nature inconveniences like earth quakes or fire. They are very safe to live and to work in and they have low prices. Modular units can be dissembled and moved to new location. You can choose among many different designs of modular facilities for sale. Modular units can be placed next to each other or on top of each other. That means there are many interesting layouts that can be achieved. Prefab buildings for sale can be put together in modern or traditional designs. We can install large panoramic windows if client wants lots of light in their unit, we can install attics or canopies, you can even decide to have a terrace with garden on the top of modular units for sale. Prices for modular facilities are much lower that prices of traditional buildings of same size and they are ready to be used in much shorter time.