Modular school buildings or traditionally build schools?

Modular school buildings are becoming a popular alternative to traditionally built schools due to the numerous advantages they come with. They are an affordable, quick, and convenient solution to space challenges for many schools around the country. When building a school, school’s management is challenged with a variety of things;

  • Providing enough space for a growing student body
  • Construction when school is in session
  • Completing construction quickly to accommodate new incoming students
  • Cost of construction

What is the difference between modular schools and stick-built schools?

But first, we must know, what a modular school building is. A modular school classroom is a building that is constructed off-site in a factory setting. Instead of bringing the construction materials to the site to begin construction, the building is constructed off-site in a warehouse. When the building is completed, it is brought to the spot and then finished in a day or two. This shortens the construction costs as well as the price of the building. Prices of modular buildings can be up to 40% lower than prices of traditionally built buildings.

modular school classrooms

Advantages of modular school buildings are numerous

First advantage of modular schools is their flexibility. Modular classrooms offer flexibility to a school that needs additional space. This means that a modular school building can be delivered to a school for temporary use and removed once it is no longer needed. Sometimes happens that the school wants to move modular buildings to a different area, after the portable classroom is delivered. The modular school classroom can be easily relocated within the same school grounds.

Secondly, modular buildings bring almost unlimited design options. Different modules can be designed differently, to provide sufficient space for a variety of activities. If the building is going to be permanent, the exterior can be outfitted with numerous features, such as brick and mortar, to match the current structure of the school. Modular school classrooms can also include HVAC systems, ADA ramps, steps, safety rails, decks, and security systems, where applicable.

Eco-friendly nature of modular school buildings

Furthermore, modular school buildings are also very green. First of all, school buildings made from modules create less waste than traditionally built school buildings, because the building process takes place in a controlled environment where all specifications are figured out before the building begins. Materials are not subject to weather conditions and waste is minimized due to more precise building projections in the design process. The ability to recycle the buildings also make modular building a more environmentally conscious choice. Moreover, we can make modular school buildings even more energy efficient with

  • Using sustainable building materials (like recycled glass and steel, as well as renewable materials like bamboo and rubber);
  • Installing energy-efficient windows and doors;
  • Using lower volatile organic compounds paints and stains;
  • Constructing green roof systems;
  • Adding water harvesting and purification systems;
  • Using renewable energy to power the building can be used.

Modular schools are just as sufficient and long lasting as traditionally build schools, with the ability to withstand time and weather conditions just as well or even better than traditional buildings. Advances in computer technology have made modular schools easier to construct and the design of the building is just as intricate as their stick-built counterparts.

modular kindergartens

High-quality modular school buildings produced by REM

In REM, we are also providing modular school building solutions and are proud to say we are one of leading modular schools manufacturers. Besides modular school classrooms, we are also manufacturing modular kindergartens. All of our products are eco-friendly and energy efficient. Moreover, throughout the building process high quality materials are used, which ensure long life span of modular school buildings. Additionally, school buildings from modules can also be adapted to the needs of our customers. Last but not least, all of our modular school designs can be adapted to our customer’s needs.

Visit our web site and take a look at our construction process of modular school buildings. In case of any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide additional information when needed.

Green modular school buildings