Yoga and meditation retreatsYoga: hotel retreats for those searching harmony and happiness

A yoga hotel retreat is not just a vacation; it is a full spiritual and healing experience for your mind, body and soul. It is the ideal getaway for anyone searching for inner peace and relaxation, away from everyday stress. Detoxify your body, rejuvenate your mind and feed your soul in one of our yoga and meditation retreats. See how taking time just for a short yoga spa retreat will recharge your batteries and give you new strength to deal with your everyday ordeals.

Yoga and meditation retreats in the heart of nature

Our yoga and meditation retreats offer you a relaxing and pristine experience in the heart of nature, unlike any other in Slovenia and beyond. You can choose between different types of yoga vacations in hotel Kristal, from yoga weekend retreats to longer yoga and meditation retreats and vacations.

Craving yoga? Hotel Kristal offers yoga weekend retreats!

Not having time to relax is no excuse; it is exactly the reason why you should definitely take time! Our yoga weekend retreats are designed especially for those who live on tight schedules and need to take some relaxing time off. Yoga vacations in hotel Kristal don’t mean just yoga, they also include great outdoor and indoor activities, healthy food, meditation, ayurveda treatment, massages and saunas, so you can feel thoroughly relaxed and renewed when you leave our yoga spa retreat.

Yoga and meditation retreats are for healing

Yoga hotel retreats are not just for relaxing and escaping everyday stress, one of our most important goals is helping people heal - emotionally and physically. Our yoga hotel retreats have been life changing for the chronically ill, who don’t find conventional medicine helpful and those who suffer from psychological issues. Healing your soul means healing your body and vice versa; that’s what our yoga hotel retreats are all about. We recommend our yoga weekend retreats to anyone searching for relief and strength, no matter what problems you have. Our team of therapists, doctors and yoga specialists will help you heal. It doesn’t matter if you have never done yoga. Hotel Kristal invites you to a yoga weekend retreat, so that you can experience the wonders of yoga first hand.