Ayurveda hospital - holistic treatments

Ayurveda hospitals offer holistic treatments not prescribed or even available in hospitals with predominately western medicine. Their less invasive practices aren’t based on the introduction of drugs, but instead try to strengthen the body’s innate ability of self-healing, through Ayurveda treatments like massages, cleanses, exercise and meditation. Ayurveda hospitals might therefore seem less like traditional sterile hospitals and more like actual Ayurveda resorts or spas. And it’s not just what some might call superficial ailments that can be treated using Ayurveda, thyroid and diabetes treatment in Ayurveda can be achieved, without the use of any unnatural substances.

Ayurveda hospitalThyroid treatment in Ayurveda hospital

Like with western medicine, Ayurveda therapies can focus on one ailment alone, or can be used as a means to prevent the appearance of certain diseases. Thyroid treatment in Ayurveda, for example, exchanges drugs and other such medicine for a change in lifestyle. In terms of diet milk, milk products, barley and cucumbers are said to prevent goiter, whereas sour and heavy substances are to be avoided. Ayurveda hospitals prescribe a mix of herbs and home remedies, like pastes and juices made from certain plants, to increase the amount of iodine, and coconut oil is used to rev up a hypothyroid sufferer’s sluggish metabolism. Thyroid treatment in Ayurveda also heavily relies on yoga, with the Sarvangasna or shoulder stand being the most suitable and effective asana for this type of ailment.

Diabetes treatment in Ayurveda hospital

Along the same lines as thyroid, diabetes treatment in Ayurveda is also common. According to Ayurveda there is actually twenty forms of diabetes, depending on the cause of it. If not using diabetes treatment in Ayurveda, all will develop into the final, most harmful form. A planned-out diet, using barley, chickpeas, old rice and bitter gourd, is essential to the treatment, inside and outside an Ayurveda hospital. Forward-bending yoga poses are said to work best with diabetes treatment in Ayurveda, as well as the reduction of stress with meditation.

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