Handmade chocolate from Slovenia

Since last July we have begun producing our own, handmade chocolate. All of the products are made from very high-quality ingredients and are formed into novelty chocolate you would love to take back home to show your family.

Novelty chocolateNovelty chocolate in shape and taste

We’re not the first ones to start making handmade chocolate, but what sets us apart from other Slovenian hotels and even confectionaries is the way we shape our novelty chocolate and the tastes we decided to use for them. The usual chocolate flavors are all good and well, but wouldn’t it be more interesting to try a combination you’re palette is not adjusted to? It’s not just about how to make handmade chocolate, it’s what you do with it!

After learning how to make handmade chocolate, we decided to try a few unique flavor combinations, to make the novelty chocolate truly our own. Instead of raspberry yoghurt you can try our mohant truffles. Not a fan of nougat? Taste our handmade novelty chocolate bars with Bohinj lard and salt. Or maybe you’re a fan of raw foods, in which case our raw chocolate will definitely be right down your alley. No matter what you usually like, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something pleasing and unique to your taste in our selection. We pride ourselves with the quite unique range of flavors our novelty chocolate brings to the table.

Another quirk you might not see with other chocolate producers is, that the ingredients put into our chocolate flavors depend on the season we’re in. Specifically what local produce is currently in season and available. In summer, for example, you might find our handmade chocolate more sweet or herbal in taste, whereas in winter the spices used might have stronger aroma. Whatever the ingredient though, we make sure to make our handmade chocolate without any artificial preservatives or other non-natural substances.

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