Bread loaf slicer for bakeries, restaurants, hotels...

Bread loaf slicer is generally used in bakeries, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, school kitchens and other similar places. Bakery bread slicer can be automatic or a semi-automatic slicing machine.

Bread loaf slicerCutting bread evenly and fast

Bread loaf slicer is a machine in which bread is being cut. It is very effective. If you have an automatic bakery bread slicer, you insert the loaf of bread and for example if the bread slicer blades are 12mm apart, you get approximately 31 slices of bread each time you put one loaf into the slicer. You can order the same types of bread slicers if in UK or anywhere else in Europe.

Distribution of bread loaf slicers in Europe

Bread loaf slicers of a registered trade mark Domina are already conquering the European markets. At the moment our professional slicers are for sale in Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia. You will be able to order our bread slicer in UK, as soon as we arrange the distribution of the bread slicer in UK.

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Order bakery bread slicer in UK

Bread loaf slicer Domina will be available soon. Our high quality bakery bread slicers satisfy all of the demanding customer’s requests. We are looking for distributors for Domina bread cutters anywhere in Europe. Contact us!