Precise and efficient Bakery equipment for bread

Professional cutting machinery

Bakery equipmentWhen it comes to bakery equipment we offer precise and efficient cutting machinery for bread. This type of bakery equipment is mainly and foremost used in cutting large quantities of bread in short period of time. Domina cutting machinery - along with bakery machine can be found in hotels, restaurants, bakeries ... Anywhere where bakery equipment is needed. Our bread slicing equipment comes complete with bakery cutters, which are also adjustable by size.

With different options of solutions, we are now able to offer you variations of our bakery equipment. Our cutting machinery comes in several models suitable for diverse users. Wide range of our bakery equipment allows you to select the best bakery machinery, cutting machines and/or slicing equipment for bread.

Cutting machines Domina- tradition in bread slicing

There are many merits of using Domina cutting machines:

  • continuation of inherited tradition of bread slicing production
  • experience, knowledge and quality
  • accordance with the actual european standards (CE certificate)
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
  • maintenance and spare parts are assured

All of our bakery equipment are designed in a modern and technical efficient way, standard that is appropriate for this type of machines. The materials used in Domina equipment are of the highest excellence with matching work surface.

Domina bakery equipment comes in several options:

  • feet or wheels on the base
  • various colors
  • bakery machine by your order

Our bread slicers (bread cutters) also come in various types:

  • Automatic bread-slicer with belt
  • Automatic bread-slicer
  • Trim & cutting bread
  • Semi-automatic bread-slicer
  • Packing table
  • Two bread-slicers in one

All of our Domina bakery equipment can be also designed in a way that they completely fit your cutting machinery idea. As long as the minimum width of bread is 11 mm (in automatic with belt and table bread-slicer bread cutting machinery even from 9 mm) - we can meet your desires.

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