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Prefabrication and what it has brought to society

When we think of any prefab building that’s for sale, we can think of high quality standard, homogeneity and cost effectiveness. Furthermore ease of assembly, modularity and flexibility are features of most products that have been established following this proven method. Some of the best structures these days are product of prefabrication, and the amount of them keeps increasing. More additions and features are being added to prefab every year, pressing costs while increasing overall quality. Exceeding the expectations of end users, this method continues to receive trust from the general public. The concept is proofing itself so well that in fact, even housing projects are heavily subjected to prefabrication. Serving most branches of the building market with housing, retail and offices, the prefab method proves to offer a wholesome array of solutions.

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More benefits then ever

Improved building features in construction time, isolation, adaptability and energy efficiency can be achieved through choosing for prefab. Prices for office buildings can be severely pressed, and the flexibility of almost all dimensions can make the difference for your business like nothing else. Shifting from a six-unit facility to a 12-unit one in a matter of days, adding six more modules for instance. The expansion was never as easy or cost effective as with prefab commercial office buildings. The total cost of these type of project can be easily managed and will be significantly lower than for a traditional brick and concrete type of structure. With the building of the structural components happening at the same time as the site preparation and foundations, the lead time is significantly reduced. Up to half of the project time can be shaved off from order to delivery when prefabrication is chosen. Permits may be granted faster, due to hugely reduced impact to the direct environment during the construction phase.

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