Lake wedding ideas

We will be with you throughout the whole process - from planning the party, choosing the best chef for the food, finding the best and the most comfortable accommodation, suitable music, arranging the documents to invitations, gifts for the guests and anything you require. To make your wedding day even more special, we offer lake wedding ideas and can recommend the most romantic places to get married.

Wedding venue Bled

Why Choose Lake Bled for a wedding venue?

Bled could be nothing but the most romantic place to get married in. Bled is a perfect wedding venue nestled in the Alps. It is best known for its picturesque glacial lake (Lake Bled), overlooking the castle and fairytale-like island, which has a small church in its centre. The romantic setting, together with the best cuisine and accommodation, will make your lake wedding perfect!

Other lake wedding ideas

Another lake wedding idea and another romantic place to get married is lake Bohinj. Lake Bohinj is the largest lake in Slovenia. Because of the Sava river the water is changed much more often than that in Lake Bled, making it purer and a little bit colder, offering a perfect breeding ground for fish and (harmless and charming) wildlife. The surroundings are beautiful and feature a spectacular display of alpine flora, which all make Bohinj an unforgettable wedding venue.

When to get married at the lake wedding venue?Lake wedding ideas

Lakes Bled and Bohinj are among the most romantic places to get married in regardless of the season.
A lake wedding is a great idea for a summer wedding,especially if you wish to swim in the lake and enjoy the warm weather outside.
Springs are also warm (and not too hot), the wedding venues in Bled and Bohinj aresurrounded by blooming flora and singing birds.

Autumns are warm and bring the vibrant gold, red and orangecolours of the surrounding forests into the foreground, making the whole lakeside setting of your wedding venue even more breathtaking.
Winter turns the chosen venue by the lake into a sparkling fairytale setting which you will never forget!

We can arrange your wedding in Bled at either of the hotels on the shores of the lake Bled or Bohinj , on Bled castle or it can take place on the lake cruiser (small boat).
Whatever you choose, we can promise the most romantic place, beautiful venue for your wedding (in Bled or Bohinj) and fantastic cuisine. We will do our utmost to make all your wedding ideas come true!

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