Modern industrial washers

Industrial washing is more efficient than home washing. We are talking about a system that automatically washes cleaning aprons and uniforms, but also mechanical parts, utensils and other equipment. Some special devices remove oil stains, metal fillings and dust, thus providing safe and clean equipment for any business. With the technological development, the industrial washing machines became extremely efficient.

Nieros multipurpose washing machines are a convenient solution for any business that regularly washes diverse items, such as Euro stacking containers or plastic crates, Eurobins, Euro-pallets, IBC containers and others. Built as multipurpose appliances, they are available in tunnel or cabin version. Due to their optimal water consumption and efficient energy use they are extremely cost-effective and comply with various standards and certificates such as ISO 9001, IFS, HACCP and NFS.

Sustainable development, placed at the heart of the companyˈs business, inspired them to equip their industrial washer machines with a water recycling system to reduce fresh water and energy consumption. They developed a double filtering system to trap the dirt particles, and low water protection device, which prevents damage to the machine in case of insufficient water level. Nieros industrial crate, pallet, container, bin and utensil washers are also sanitized with hot water at 85 °C, to achieve superior hygiene in any production area, food and pharmaceutical industry in particular.

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Industrial washers for sale by Nieros

Industrial washing devices designed by Nieros are simple and versatile, appropriate for any business or need. The company offers high quality tunnel industrial washing machines (for washing crates and similar products of different sizes), cabin (for washing buggies and containers), tray washers (for different number of trays but also for crates and cheese moulds), industrial utensils washers (one for automatic cleaning and sterilization of smaller number of dishes, pots, rates, knife baskets, small machine parts and similar objects, and one for larger number of utensils) and industrial boot wash stations.

They also sell some additional equipment for industrial washing devices and washing machines for live poultry boxes, universal industrial washing machines for crates, palettes and buggies, industrial washing machines for crates and chocolate moulds, barrels and covers, large containers, smoking sticks and smoke trolleys.


Crate washer

All Nieros crate washers have electric water heating and automatic detergent dispenser.

Crate Washer CLT is a height adjustable tunnel washing machine, suitable for Euro stacking containers and crates of similar dimensions, trays, utensil baskets and Euro-pallets. It includes washing and rinsing zone and is produced from a high quality stainless steel. Its washing capacity is up to 3000 items per hour. Its rinsing zone is equipped with an object detection sensor. The device has an easily adjustable sideguards and hold-down attachments, adjustable nozzles, washing and rinsing parameters, easy and convenient access to spray nozzles and water tanks, and mobile wheels. It facilitates smooth surface finish of the cleaned objects and an IP65 protection.

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Pallet washers

Nieros pallet washing machine CLT P effectively washes plastic and metal Euro-pallets (S/S, aluminium or other material), trays, layer pads and other comparable items, which can be loaded into the washing machine manually, and one at a time, in stacks, or on a conveyor. The standard CLT P can accommodate up to 240 items per hour with a maximum size of 1000 x 1200 mm per item.

The mentioned pallet washer is a height adjustable tunnel washing machine that includes washing and rinsing zone that is equipped with an object detection sensor. It contains special brushes for thorough Euro-pallet surface cleaning and a transport chain made from stainless steel. Its sideguards and hold-down attachments are easily adjustable and an access to water tanks is very convenient. It has an electric water heating, adjustable washing and rinsing parameters and automatic detergent dispenser. It facilitates smooth surface finish of the cleaned items and an IP65 protection.

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