Economical houses - kind to nature and your wallet

Nowadays thinking about building your own house or office building cannot and should not start without considering energy efficient prefab homes. It is of course essential to emphasize that it is not only a question of fashion or a temporary trend. Economical houses also known as energetic houses are undoubtedly buildings of the future. This energy efficient house construction enables a house to use as little energy as possible, not only for living but also for making it. Economical houses are also very space saving - with the same inside measurements as the traditional brick house an energetic house gives up to 10% smaller outside measurements.

Energy efficient new home construction - for nature and future generations

Due to the material they are made of, LogHOUSE wooden economical houses are environmentally friendly and provide healthy living conditions. Since wood is a natural material, energy efficient house construction uses considerably less energy than a traditional building process. It is also very important that any leftover material can be used for wood-burning central heating systems. There is one more not an insignificant fact: when building economical houses, construction sites are always clean and tidy and the construction itself takes considerably less time. But the bottom line is that economical wooden houses justify their name by saving different types of energy not only during their use (living there) but during their construction as well.

Energy efficient prefab homes - limited only by your imagination

Have you already played with the thought of what your new home should look like? Pay us a visit and we will help you realize your dream! If you haven't found the idea yet, you can check our offer on economical houses on our website and give us a call. You just might find your dream house there! Energy efficient wooden houses construction is without a doubt a reason enough to consider making this enormous step towards your new and better future.

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