Slovenian tourism - lakes and mountains

Slovenian tourism in general offers a wide variety of sights and activities. From everything you’re used to on a summer seaside vacation, to a winter wonderland in the Julian Alps, Slovenia is so rich and varied you will definitely be able to spend your dream vacation here, whether you’ve looking for camping near lakes in Slovenia or pampering in a luxurious spa.

Camping near lake
Camping near a lake in Slovenia

If you’re looking to go camping near lakes in Slovenia, we suggest looking into campsites surrounding Lake Bohinj in the Gorenjska region of the country. Not only will you be camping near a lake that is renowned for its beauty, the surroundings will get you excited as well. The Slovenian Julian Alps are a mere stone throw away. You can take advantage of the many paths and the different difficulties Slovenian tourism is so proud to boast with.

Lakes in Slovenia

Lakes in SloveniaThere are a number of lakes in Slovenia, one of the most well-known is Lake Bohinj. Slovenian tourism sites can tell you that it’s not only a fantastic lake to fish, but there are also several camping sites close to it, allowing you to spend your vacation camping near a lake. With the view of the Slovenian Julian Alps by day and an almost immaculate starry sky by night, how could you not take advantage of this unique holiday opportunity?

If camping near a lake in Slovenia doesn’t tickle your fancy however, Slovenian tourism still has many other Lake Bohinj accommodation options. Bohinj Park eco hotel for example, will allow you to book private rooms, from which you will still be able to reach all the same destinations and see the Julian Alps of Slovenia cozy inside a plush room.

Slovenian tourism invites you to visit Lake Bohinj and its surroundings, you will not be disappointed!

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